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May 26th, 2021


Judge Finds COVID-19 Aid Program Discriminatory

As a part of the American Rescue Plan, the Restaurant Restoration Fund gives federal aid to restaurants hurt by the Covid-19 pandemic but prioritizes applications based on the owner's skin color, ethnicity, and gender. A restaurant owner in Texas who had lost nearly $100,000 filed suit challenging the constitutionality of the prioritization. The federal district court granted his motion for a temporary restraining order, finding that prioritizing by skin color, ethnicity, or gender likely violates the Equal Protection guarantee of the Fourteenth Amendment. 


Read the court order here.


In another case related to COVID-19 aid prioritization based on restaurant owners' skin color, ethnicity, and gender, Antonio Vitolo filed suit challenging the Restaurant Revitalization Fund. However, the United States District Court of the Eastern District of Tennessee at Knoxville denied Vitolo's motion for a temporary restraining order. Vitolo has since appealed to the District Court of Appeals for the sixth circuit. 


Read Vitolo's complaint here


FAIR stands with anyone standing up for their constitutional rights for equal protection under the law as guaranteed by the Fourteenth Ammendment.


Other News

Gary Saul Morson and Morton Schapiro of Northwestern University wrote a brilliant piece for Persuasion warning of the regressive direction academia is heading in, should universities continue to undermine and diminish open inquiry. 

“Speech codes that seek to enforce ideological uniformity and force members of the community to monitor their opinions and to self-censor run counter to our nation’s basic principles. They undermine the interchange of ideas that invigorates higher education and undergirds all serious research.”


Read the full article here.


The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) announced yesterday that the Rutgers Law Student Bar Association dropped a policy requiring student groups to promote Critical Race Theory in order to get funding. 

An amendment passed by the SBA in November of 2020 “mandated that any group hoping to receive more than $250 in university funding must ‘plan at least one (1) event that addresses their chosen topics through the lens of Critical Race Theory, diversity and inclusion, or cultural competency.’”


Read the full article here.


Izabella Tabarovksy penned an insightful op-ed for Areo Magazine in which she details how her Soviet upbringing made her grateful for the open inquiry that is fundamental to American life and education. She also expresses concern that the United States may be heading in an all too familiar direction. 

“Censorship obscures our view of reality and impedes our society’s ability to function. The longer the next generation spends growing up in this culture, the more it will imbibe it.”


Read the full article here.


Photo: Gregory Pratt of the Chicago Tribune

Halfway through her term, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot declared that she will only grant one-on-one interviews to journalists of certain specified races. Gregory Pratt of the Chicago Tribune was granted an interview. When he asked that Mayor Lightfoot consider giving interviews to journalists of all backgrounds, the Mayor’s office declined his request. Pratt subsequently decided to cancel his interview.


Read more here.


After the Fairfax County School Board unanimously voted to remove Thomas Jefferson High School’s race-blind, merit-based admissions process in the name of diversity, parents have continued to stand up for pro-human values at the top-ranked public high school in America.

Last week, a federal judge ruled that a parents' group from Thomas Jefferson can move forward with a suit alleging anti-Asian discrimination under the new admissions process. Matthew Barakat covered the story for the Washington Post.


Read the full article here.


As neo-racism becomes increasingly prevalent in elite private schools across the country, more parents and alumni are standing up for pro-human values. Last month, FAIR Advisor Bari Weiss published an open letter from a concerned parent at The Brearly School in Manhattan. And yesterday, FAIR Advisor Glenn Loury published an essay from an alumni of the school, detailing a troubling Zoom training session at the school.

“What was said at the meeting I attended was worrisome. But the jargon and slogans would have little purchase without their deadly adjuncts: polite demurral, passive acceptance, and enforced silence.”


Read the full article here.


FAIR Advisors John McWhorter, Coleman Hughes, Wilfred Reilly, Jason D. Hill, and Ian Rowe all had essays featured in a new book Red, White, and Black: Rescuing American History from Revisionists and Race Hustlers published by civil rights icon Bob Woodson. The book currently sits at number one on Amazon's New Releases in Black & African American History. 


Order a copy here.


Additionally, FAIR Advisors Ian Rowe and Wilfred Reilly joined a panel hosted by the American Enterprise Institute to discuss the book and prevalence of efforts to re-write all of America's history through a racial lens. 


Watch the event here.


FAIR Advisor Ian Rowe spoke to the Joint Economic Committee regarding America's racial wealth gap. His testimony focused on building "an opportunity society" and the importance of early life education on one's long-term life outcomes.

As we consider strategies to create an opportunity society and upward mobility for people of all races, I submit to you the two-pronged philosophy we practiced in our schools: start early with the end in mind; and study the success of those who have achieved excellence, not just equity.


Watch his testimony here.


FAIR Advisor John McWhorter announced his new book Woke Racism: How a New Religion Has Betrayed Black AmericaIt is currently available for pre-order for its release in October.


Read the announcement here.


FAIR Advisor Michael Shermer had FAIR Advisor Bari Weiss and FAIR President Bion Bartning on his podcast. The three discussed what inspired Bion to form FAIR and what our values and goals are.


Listen to the podcast here.


Upcoming Events

The Foundation Against Intolerance & Racism is getting ready to celebrate Loving Day! Loving Day is an annual celebration held on June 12, the anniversary of the 1967 United States Supreme Court decision Loving v. Virginia, which struck down all remaining anti-miscegenation laws banning interracial marriage remaining in sixteen U.S. states.  
Loving Day activities for the FAIR community will include an online event starting at 3:00 pm ET on June 12 to introduce the FAIR Learning Standards and to preview the FAIR Race & the American Story Curriculum and will feature FAIR Advisors Daryl Davis, Ian Rowe, and Melissa Chen. In addition, FAIR chapters in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Diego, and other locations are planning their own in-person Loving Day celebrations.  


Learn more here.


The Foundation Against Intolerance & Racism invites you to join us for the first FAIR Film Festival!

FAIR will be hosting online screenings of the feature films How Jack Became Black, Better Left Unsaid, Accidental Courtesy, and the film series The Witness Project. Additionally, attendees can view the world premiere of The Woke Reformation

From June 21st through 25th each night at 9 PM EDT, we will be hosting a Q&A with the filmmakers and special guests including Daryl Davis, Melissa Chen, Peter Boghossian, Eli Steele, and John Wood Jr.

Learn more and register here.


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