How One Mom Is Standing Up For Her Children

And Critical Race Theory in the News

March 17th, 2021


Meet the Mom Fighting To Stop Required CRT at Her Son's School  

Gabrielle Clark wants to do the right thing for her kids. Her son William is a senior at Democracy Prep, a public charter school in Las Vegas. In a mandatory class called Sociology for Change, William was asked to denounce his own racial, religious, and sexual identities. When he refused to label himself as an “oppressor,” William was punished with a failing grade. 

Gabrielle does not believe this is the right message for her children. “I would never teach my daughter, who is three-quarters black, your brothers are white and male, so they are always going to have more advantages than you. This girl just got recognized as one of the top three inventors in her science fair. She’s more accomplished than all four of her brothers combined,” says Clark. “The only limit she has is the limit she puts on herself and that’s it. This is America. I don’t understand how anyone would ever tell their children otherwise.”

Now, Gabrielle and her son have filed suit in the Federal District Court of Nevada, claiming the school violated William’s First Amendment rights by “repeatedly compelling his speech involving intimate matters of race, gender, sexuality and religion.” The suit argues that the school created a “psychologically abusive” and a “hostile educational environment.” Gabrielle is determined to defend her children's right to abstain from practicing an ideology they don't believe in. 

If you would like to learn more about Gabrielle’s case or contribute to her legal fees during this time, please visit this link.



Critical Race Theory in the News

There have been several stories this past week, some penned by members of FAIR’s Board of Advisors, concerning the subject of CRT in American schools.  


FAIR Board of Advisors member Bari Weiss’ latest in City Journal details how parents, teachers, and students around the country are quietly questioning the new intolerant orthodoxy in elite schools. 

Read it here:



In the National Review, FAIR Board of Advisors member Samantha Harris laments the indoctrination of students with the CRT curriculum and the retribution that results from resisting it. 

Read it here:


In the Atlantic, Caitlin Flanagan exposes the hypocrisy of elite schools that “breed entitlement, entrench inequality--and then pretend to be engines of social change.”    

Read it here: 



Wendy Kaminer's recent article in Tablet parses the complex legal questions surrounding the CRT classes and anti-racism trainings that have become widespread in the U.S. 


Read it here: 



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