Neo-Racism in Government

And Critical Race Theory in the News

April 7th, 2021


Vermont Establishes a Vaccine Rollout Plan On Racial Lines

In an alarming move, Vermont has established a vaccine rollout plan based on race. Chris Rufo, a member of the FAIR Board of Advisors, has regarded this as "a flagrant violation of the Fourteenth Amendment." This policy risks further inflaming racial divisions and sets a precedent for advancing policies that grant preferential treatment on racial lines. Issac Shorr has published a piece regarding this issue in National Review.

"America still has a ways to go if it is to become a land of perfectly equal opportunity. Few would contend that we’re already there. But Vermont’s racial-preference scheme for vaccine prioritization is plainly a step backward in this regard — one that should leave Americans wondering who exactly these people governing us are, and how their moral compasses could be this broken."


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Parents Rally to Defend Merit-Based Admissions

Rong Xiaoqing penned an intriguing article for City Journal in which she shares the struggle of parents to maintain merit-based admissions policies for gifted students in New York. The movement against Mayor Bill DeBlasio’s proposal to remove the Specialized High School Admissions Test has devolved into a larger discussion regarding diversity and segregation in public schools. Much of the anti-merit sentiment in local governments, such as New York, can be linked to the use of critical race theory. 

"'Even when I was in China, I was enchanted by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s vision of a nation where people are not 'judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.' But now what they are doing is the opposite.'"


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Critical Race Theory in the News

Conor Friedersdorf published an eye-opening article in The Atlantic in which a concerned mother expresses her alarm over what is being taught in her children’s school. Ndona Muboyayi became disillusioned with the critical race theory-inspired "Black Lives Matter at School" curriculum. The interview underscores the harmful impact the curriculum has had on her children’s motivation. She is now running for school board in the 65th District to challenge the disempowering curriculum.

"'My son has wanted to be a lawyer since he was 11. Then one day he came home and told me, 'But Mommy, there are these systems put in place that prevent Black people from accomplishing anything.' That’s what they’re teaching Black kids: that all of this time for the past 400 years, this is what [white people have] done to you and your people. The narrative is, 'You can’t get ahead.'"


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A recent piece published in Reason by Jesse Singal describes what a newly tenured professor at Lake Washington Institute of Technology faced after speaking up during a critical theory-inspired training. Professor Elisa Parrett was placed on administrative leave for speaking out, and the school opened a nine-month investigation into Parrett’s actions that included private investigators. "The victims of these inquisitions are often accused of having perpetrated a level of harm that would strike a reasonable observer as a profound exaggeration of what occurred."


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A column by Joanna Williams in Spiked explores the implications of imposing critical race theory on toddlers in British nurseries. This underscores the fact that neo-racism is a pressing phenomenon across the globe. "Perhaps worst of all, every child is taught to see and judge their classmates according to skin colour. Racial thinking is rehabilitated."


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FAIR Board of Advisors member John McWhorter published a piece in The Atlantic on the loss of common meaning around words in American political discourse - particularly "racism." As a linguist, McWhorter describes his disillusionment with the increasingly polarized linguistic landscape in America. "Terms we use daily mean such different things to different people that communication is often blunted considerably, and sometimes even thwarted entirely. The gap between how the initiated express their ideological beliefs and how everyone else does seems larger than ever."


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FAIR Board of Advisors member Bari Weiss recently appeared on the podcast GoodFellows at the Hoover Institution to discuss the future of institutions in the age of cancel culture and illiberalism. Bari discusses her departure from The New York Times and warns of the potential for a society in which "curiosity is a liability."


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FAIR Board of Advisors member Megyn Kelly was joined by another Board of Advisors member, Thomas Chatterton Williams on her podcast The Megyn Kelly Show. The two discussed "the illusion of racial identity" amongst many other intriguing topics. In introducing Williams, Kelly stated, "I think you're going to listen to him and think why aren't more people going the Thomas Chatterton Williams way as opposed to the Robin DiAngelo way."


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