Paul Rossi Stands His Ground

And Critical Race Theory in the News

April 21st, 2021


Paul Rossi Responds to Grace Church's Comments

Last week, Paul Rossi, a FAIR volunteer, published a profound open letter exposing neo-racism at Grace Church High School, where he teaches. As a result, Rossi has been relieved of his teaching duties. The head of Grace Church, George P. Davison, denied statements from Rossi’s letter and called him “unprofessional.” FAIR has since released audio proving that Davison did indeed voice concern over the school’s “anti-racist” agenda in private.

“We’re demonizing white people for being born,” Davison said in a phone call with Rossi.


For full details on Rossi’s story click here.

A Georgetown Professor Speaks Out

In a recent piece for Quillette, Georgetown law professor Lama Abu Odeh explains the dangerous collective mindset in academia that led to two fellow law professors' forced resignations for making innocuous statements deemed racist. Notably, several professors with significant progressive credentials stood up against the university’s actions.

“The academy is a different place today than it was only a year ago and was different a year ago than it was five years before. Terror and dread fill academic workers, professors, and staff alike, and it is everywhere.”


Read the full article here.


Critical Race Theory in the News

In a recent piece for Tablet Magazine, Sean Cooper describes the lucrative industry that has grown out of DEI training programs in America's schools and corporate world. The article underscores the ideological battles over California's new Ethnic Studies curriculum and brings attention to a letter signed by thirty-one scientists in opposition to the state's move.

“‘There’s no proof that any of this is efficacious, in any way, shape, or form,’ Southern Connecticut State University professor Corrine Blackmer, a signatory of the letter, told me. ‘The contempt for fact and evidence can only be described as breathtaking.’”


Read the full article here.

The Biden administration is seeking to give out a grant that incentivizes history and civics departments to teach works rooted in critical theory. In a recent piece for Education Week, Andrew Udjisfa details the partisan politics and pushback regarding this move.

“In describing the basis for the new grant priority for American History and Civics Education programs, the administration cites the scholar and anti-racism activist Ibram X. Kendi, as well as the 1619 Project, a New York Times Magazine project that highlights slavery and its legacy as a central element in America’s story.”


Read the full article here.

Jesse Singal joined Yascha Mounk on his podcast Persuasion to discuss Singal’s new book, The Quick Fix: Why Fad Psychology Can't Cure Our Social Ills. Singal details the pitfalls of social psychology and the notion of implicit bias.


List to the podcast here.


After publishing Paul Rossi’s open letter to Grace Church High School, FAIR Board of Advisors member Bari Weiss published another eye-opening letter on her Substack Common Sense With Bari Weiss. This letter comes from a concerned parent who pulled his daughter from Brearly, an elite New York private school, because of the neo-racist indoctrination pervading the school. 

“I object to the view that I should be judged by the color of my skin. I cannot tolerate a school that not only judges my daughter by the color of her skin, but encourages and instructs her to prejudge others by theirs.”


Read the letter here.


FAIR Board of Advisors members Glenn Loury and John McWhorter sat down on Loury’s podcast to discuss the racial controversies at the law schools of the University of Illinois-Chicago and Georgetown University. The two discuss how racial activism on campus is hampering intellectual development among students.

“By the way, let me just note, the stakes are very high. Because the modern-day instantiation of that is they're defending capitalism and therefore they're racists. They're defending heteronormativity, and therefore they're bigots. They're defending the family, they're defending faith, and therefore they are beyond the pale.

Listen to the podcast here.


FAIR Board of Advisors member Christopher Rufo penned an alarming piece for City Journal on the bad-faith motives and detrimental effects of the soon-to-be-implemented California ethnic studies curriculum. The curriculum goes so far that a former advisor to Martin Luther King Jr. has written to Governor Gavin Newsom to voice his concern regarding the divisive nature of the curriculum.

“This is a dystopian project. As these pedagogical theories make their way into the classroom, California schools will be teaching millions of children to hate their own country. They will be oriented toward the work of ‘decolonizing,’ ‘deconstructing,’ and ‘dismantling’ their own society.”


Read the full article here.


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